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So me and my business partner decided we'd better get a smarty pants lawyer to tell us how to stay out of legal trouble with this site. Not that we're doing anything illegal, but we don't know what we're doing. So we went downtown to one of those hoidy-toidy law firms with wood paneling on the walls. We looked at the pictures on the wall of a bunch of old men in suits, but then a picture caught our attention of this very hot girl lawyer with long black hair, and really white teeth. We asked the secretary "Betty", if we could get some legal advice from the hot babe lawyer. Long story short, we got this smokin' hot babe giving us all of this legal advice. In my opinion, her looks make her more credible than one of those old men. She says she got her law degree from some place called "Pepperdine", but you know a silly name like that has got to be made up.

Anyway, she told us to say that neither Irrational Arts nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be held liable for fraud or indiscretions carried out through the use of this site. Any document published using the tools contained on this site is the sole work of the user.  Documents published on this site are novelties and are for entertainment purposes only.  (If you consider this site "entertainment", then you've made some bad choices in life.  Just sayin'.)

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